Style Snippit- Stripes

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A basic for the cool girl and retro lover alike, stripes have never gone out of fashion.


Reminiscent of a beachside holiday or a chic weekend in Paris, stripes are possibly the most classic pattern in anyones wardrobe.

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Stripes come back every season and are the easiest way to introduce pattern into your wardrobe. The best thing is that you can have stripes on anything! It works equally well on tops, pants, skirts, shoes whatever you want!  If your a little worried go for a finer, lighter stripe to avoid that Beetlejuice vibe.

Pre Holiday Purchases – July Haul


To prepare for my upcoming trip, I made a few purchases to take over with me. Nothing like having fresh products on a trip! So I thought I would show you what I got and what I will be using while away.


I’ve just added some blonde into the ends of my hair for a ‘cool European vacation’ vibe and I’m now in the process of finding some new products to help it look the best. I used to use Living Proof and then it became hard to find in Australia but now its back and its bloody amazing! These two sprays work together so well. Oe for volume and texture and the other for hold. My hair looks so much more polished with them and it just really ties together your look.

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With a European vacation comes sun (I hope!) and with sun comes sunscreen! I’m pretty diligent with my sunscreen as I’m so fair and the MECCA Cosmetica To Save Face range is the absolute best! I usually use the Super Screen, SPF 50+ in the summer here. It’s a little heavier on the skincare benefits and much more moisturising on the skin plus of course an SPF of 50+ which is great for the Australian sun. I thought I would try the SPF30+ for this trip however as I feel the sun is not as intense oversees. I also just wanted something a little lighter on my skin while traveling around.Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.35.31 pm.png

I will be going back to the SPF 50+ eventually as it’s so good with dehydrated skin which we all have in Melbourne! But for now the original To Save Face is going to be perfect Plus it comes in a lightly bigger tube so I’m set!

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Nothing better on a holiday than a fresh looking face and while its nice to have a natural glow, sometimes you need a hand. NARS tinted moisturiser is the one I will always go for. It just looks so perfected on my skin. It’s hydrating but doesn’t compromise on a perfected finish.

The colour is warm and adds depth without being ashy or too red in colour.

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I’ve gotten the NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer to mix with my tinted moisturiser to deepen the tone if needed. This way I need way less colour options for the trip as I’m almost three different colours from tanned, slightly washed off and my natural colour. The colour is warm and adds depth without being ashy or too red in colour.

Last but not least is this cool new hair product I have been reading about by Playa. It’s called the Endless Summer Spray and as if the title wasn’t enough to make me want it, its a volumising spray with supposedly like a sea salt spray with less of a crispy feel at the end.  Sounds perfect to me. I thought it would be more of an aerosol like spray but it’s a classic pump which means I will have to be careful with how much gets spayed into the hair but I’ll be looking forward to trying it out.

That’s it for now! Pretty excited to see how all these work out and play around for the best results. And of course I will be letting you k is which I loved the most and how I got on with them.

Time to pack now!

Weekend Style

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 I loved this jumper as soon as I saw it. I’m always happy in grey on the weekend and this flash of Heliotrope with a strong feminist slogan fit perfectly. I found it on ASOS from the brand Vero Moda This top has a long sleeve which would look amazing loosely rolled or pushed to the elbow. The perfect accompaniment to some blue jeans, tucked at the waste in the front.


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For a weekend style, I threw on a simple gold necklace from Lovisa which sits quite high, just under the collar bone. It adds just a little touch which dresses up the grey ever so slightly. I like a little gold with a simple weekend outfit as it doesn’t make it glam or over the top, just like you have put a little more effort into the outfit.

I’m always happy in grey on the weekend and this flash of Heliotrope with a strong feminist slogan fit perfectly.

To sling over my shoulder I have a circle basket bag from Sportsgirl, which teamed with the necklace, adds some structure and purposeful style.


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The perfect accompaniment to some blue jeans, tucked at the waste in the front.


Mostly so I don’t have to put too much effort into my make up, these Lucy Folk sunglasses  go perfectly with the look. Slightly vintage snapped with a tortoise shell rim, they create a softness to the jumper which could be quite strong if it wasn’t with he warmer tan of the bag and gold necklace.

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Here is a little behind the scenes of this shoot where I had a guest popping into my shots! She’s the cutest most distracting intern I’ve ever seen.