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Everyday Beauty for Everyday Babes

I just can’t stop talking to people about beauty. What they have tried, what they love, what they can’t wait to launch. And I’m right there with them. Every. Single. Time.

My name is Amy and if we have met, we probably have talked about your skincare or make up. I’ve made a career from talking about beauty for the last 10 years and still search, swatch, sample and read all about it in my spare time. I just find it fascinating.

I wanted to combine my love of writing with all things beauty. I created this space to chat about what I love using, whether it be skincare, make up or haircare. There will probably be a splash of fashion and lifestyle around because beauty is not just about skin right!

Sometimes the beauty world can be a little too serious and daunting. I really believe that the world of beauty is fun, interesting, and truly for everyone. You don’t have to know every shade of lipstick or have 18 haircare steps. It’s about finding what fits for you! If I can help you find that, then that sounds beautiful!